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How it works

Haemoglobin Colour Scale is a simple and effective medical device for the accurate estimation of haemoglobin levels in blood.

It comprises a box of test strips and a small card with six shades of red that represent haemoglobin levels at 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 14 g/dl respectively.

The device is simple to use: A drop of blood is placed on the test strip and after a waiting time of about 30 seconds the colour of the blood spot is matched immediately against one of the hues on the scale. This will indicate whether the patient is anaemic and, if so, the severity of anemia in clinical terms. It will not identify minor changes in haemoglobin levels during treatment, but rather assist in the management of any patient with suspected anemia, e.g. to decide whether a patient may require a blood transfusion, a blood count, be referred for laboratory tests or to a hospital or clinic for treatment.

Extensive testing and field trials have been carried out on the performance of Haemoglobin Colour Scale. An international validation study and several published papers have confirmed its reliability when used in general health centres and antenatal clinics, and in blood transfusion centres for donor selection because it assesses levels of anemia much more effectively than traditional clinical diagnosis like the copper sulphate specific gravity method .

N.B: Size and Colour of the Scale are approximate and for illustration only.