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Haemoglobin Colour Scale

Haemoglobin Colour Scale is the simple, reliable and inexpensive method to screen anemia in the absence of laboratory-based haemoglobinometry.

The measurement of haemoglobin in blood as an indicator of anemia has traditionally relied on the services of a well-equipped clinical laboratory. To increase access to health technology for peripheral clinics and health services in resource-poor settings some rather simple techniques are demanded.

They of course do exist, but are still relatively expensive and require costly reagents, a good degree of technical skill and are not readily available at point of care for clinicians and midwives.

So in rural areas where anemia is common and where prevention and treatment may be most beneficial, a really simple and accurate method is needed to screen for anemia as easy and economically as possible.

Haemoglobin Colour Scale is the answer to those needs. The use of this medical device requires no specialized training. It doesn‘t depend on electricity or batteries and needs no maintenance. It is portable and the results are immediate.

It consists of a box with test strips and a small card with six shades of red that represent relevant/distinct haemoglobin levels. For screening the colour of a drop of blood on the test strip is matched against one of the hues.

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